Will the Cloud-Based Core Fintech Messiah ever Arrive?
We're all waiting for some really smart company to give the industry a true, reliable, competitive alternative to the legacy core technology stack we've been saddled with for decades. There are some sharp companies out there working hard to make realities come true but when will the industry be saved? How much longer shall we wait? How will this affect our fintech planning?

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Paladin fs uses our proprietary Paladin Blue Book™, a collection of vendor contract, pricing and market data built on extensive market research, to negotiate better terms for you and your fintech vendors. We identify and connect you with the right technologies, then guide you through procurement, contracting and implementation on the path to success.  While we fight to get our clients the best contracts possible, our negotiations are far from a bar brawl. Because we actually improve relations with your core and IT vendors. We work with these vendors each and every day, and equal, fair negotiations lead to happy customer and happy vendors forming a stronger partnership.