10 Things Your Core IT Suppliers Will NOT Tell You
For decades the core and IT industry has been gamed by powerful suppliers that hold all the cards. Negotiating against them is difficult to do unless you have some of the market intelligence on your side of the table. Here are 10 things (maybe a few more) that your Core IT Supplier does not want you to know about contracts, pricing and legal terms.









Do You Want to be the Lunch or the Lion?

Taking an informed, educated and realistic view of your relationship with a Legacy Core, IT or Fintech supplier is critical to deciding how best to negotiate. Vendors are highly trained at getting their way and the industry has rolled over and played dead for decades allowing suppliers to take advantage of institutions of all sizes coast to coast. It's time to change the game by becoming the Lion so you're not the lunch.








What if Trump Negotiated Your Next Core IT Deal?

This a-political presentation explores the humorous but serious side of negotiating one-sided deals against Legacy Core, IT & Fintech suppliers by hiring Donald J. Trump to take on these vendors, their contracts and pricing. President Trump pulls no punches and spares no feelings for vendors as he spouts his negotiator-in-chief advice tweet by tweet with Aaron Silva, President of Paladin fs.

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Paladin fs uses our proprietary Paladin Blue Book™, a collection of vendor contract, pricing and market data built on extensive market research, to negotiate better terms for you and your fintech vendors. We identify and connect you with the right technologies, then guide you through procurement, contracting and implementation on the path to success.  While we fight to get our clients the best contracts possible, our negotiations are far from a bar brawl. Because we actually improve relations with your core and IT vendors. We work with these vendors each and every day, and equal, fair negotiations lead to happy customer and happy vendors forming a stronger partnership.