Secrets Revealed:

10 Things Your Core IT Provider Won't Tell You



This hard-hitting, point-by-point presentation is a classic enjoyed for many years by bank executives.  Where are the electric third rails buried deep in Core and IT agreements?  How do legacy suppliers hold your franchise hostage while failing to innovate or provide competitive solutions?  What can bank leaders do about it?  After seeing this session you will never view your relationship with any core IT supplier in the same way.

Updated each year with new information and new mini case studies, this presentation will unwrap the details every bank CEO, CFO or COO needs to know about negotiating a renewal or new contract with any technology suppliers. 

Topics covered are contract pricing, M&A nightmares, SLA issues, impact of market oligopoly, adoption of fintech suppliers, rights of termination and what the industry can do about it.


Aaron Silhouette


Mr. Silva is a recognized and respected "tell it like it is" industry thought leader and negotiations expert that will deliver entertaining, engaging and unique presentations to your audience. Routinely receiving 5 Star ratings, Silva is a professional speaker who has educated thousands of CEOs and Senior Execs leading institutions ranging from $150M to $20 Billion in assets. A lifelong entrepreneur and industry veteran of 30+ years, Aaron founded Paladin fs, LLC in 2007 and launched the Golden Contract Coalition (GCC) in 2016. Silva invented the Paladin Blue Book, leveling the playing field for bankers in pricing and contract negotiations against national legacy core, IT and emerging fintech suppliers. GCC will reach more than $1B in combined contract value across its membership, delivering the leverage necessary to influence adoption of a "Golden Contract" standard that all technology suppliers will ultimately adopt in order to conduct business and lower risk within our industry.