Do You Want to be Your Vendor's Lunch or

Be the Lion?



Institutions want to begin their digital transformation strategy and acquire the benefits of virtual banking but they don't know where to start. This presentation discusses the technological and contractual barriers that await and discusses what other banks are doing to solve these problems. Includes examples of omni-channel banking, mobile first and basic functions of a virtual bank.

In this session, Silva will take you through a history of how we [the industry] got into this mess with Core IT suppliers along with his plans - and those of his many community bank and industry partner followers - intended to disrupt the oligopoly of “the Big Three” and change the game once and for all by putting more power back into the hands of community financial institutions. Every banker in the country is affected by critical, complex and expensive relationships with Core IT suppliers. Anticipated competitive offerings promised by new fintech companies are threatened by the barriers and poison pills embedded in nearly every agreement held by a bank - assuring Core IT suppliers hold all the keys. 

Attendees to this session will leave with a greater understanding of the clear and present danger faced by every franchise and what actionable steps can be taken to help guide our industry forward.


Aaron Silhouette


Mr. Silva is a recognized and respected "tell it like it is" industry thought leader and negotiations expert that will deliver entertaining, engaging and unique presentations to your audience. Routinely receiving 5 Star ratings, Silva is a professional speaker who has educated thousands of CEOs and Senior Execs leading institutions ranging from $150M to $20 Billion in assets. A lifelong entrepreneur and industry veteran of 30+ years, Aaron founded Paladin fs, LLC in 2007 and launched the Golden Contract Coalition (GCC) in 2016. Silva invented the Paladin Blue Book, leveling the playing field for bankers in pricing and contract negotiations against national legacy core, IT and emerging fintech suppliers. GCC will reach more than $1B in combined contract value across its membership, delivering the leverage necessary to influence adoption of a "Golden Contract" standard that all technology suppliers will ultimately adopt in order to conduct business and lower risk within our industry.