Let's Get Started - Receive Fair Market Value for Core IT Pricing and Contracts

 "The CorePoint has partnered with Paladin because we believe Paladin shares our belief that banks need the tools and resources to negotiate effectively.   Paladin helps bankers negotiate effectively with core systems vendors."- Neil Stanley, Chief Executive Officer and Founder

About Paladin-fs

Armed with its proprietary Blue Book of vendor contract, pricing and market data, Paladin fs is a hard-hitting negotiator that stands up to the Core IT banking oligopoly to secure better business terms and pricing for community banks and credit unions - ensuring a 'win-win' deal for financial institutions and vendors alike. Saving an average of $1.2M per client engagement, Paladin not only persuades Core IT providers to eliminate thousands of unfair, one-sided business terms in their current contract, but also protects the institution from ever over-paying or signing a bad deal again. With Paladin’s Lifetime Contract Protection, banks and credit unions can rest assured they will continue to receive fair market deals because Paladin will review all quotes for free for the duration of the contract.

About The CorePoint

Building better retail teams since 2010.

The CorePoint equips and empowers financial institutions to execute and exceed funding goals. Leading processes, products, and report analytic tools simplify pricing strategy, align organizational objectives, and build a stronger balance sheet and income statement. The CoreCD® Package product is built custom for each financial institution and requires no compliance or IT project as it is hosted externally.