Changing the Game:

How Disrupting the Oligopoly is the Only Way to Prosperity and Fairness for Banks


After 16 years selling IT services to community banks, Aaron Silva became frustrated with unfair business practices, unethical contracts and one- sided deals that left banks holding the bag. He switched sides in 2007 and dedicated the next 10 years of his career to representing bankers in complex multi-million-dollar IT negotiations against suppliers – greatly leveling the playing field by developing the first ever Blue Book of market pricing intelligence. When three Core IT vendors formed an oligopoly controlling 93% of the market, Silva upped the firepower again by launching the Golden Contract Coalition in 2016 bent on aggregating and then leveraging $1 Billion in combined contract value forcing a fair, legally balanced, marketing-conforming contract on behalf of the GCC membership.

In this session, Silva will take you through a history of how we [the industry] got into this mess with Core IT suppliers along with his plans - and those of his many community bank and industry partner followers - intended to disrupt the oligopoly of “the Big Three” and change the game once and for all by putting more power back into the hands of community financial institutions. Every banker in the country is affected by critical, complex and expensive relationships with Core IT suppliers. Anticipated competitive offerings promised by new FinTech companies are threatened by the barriers and poison pills embedded in nearly every agreement held by a bank - assuring Core IT suppliers hold all the keys. Attendees to this session will leave with a greater understanding of the clear and present danger faced by every franchise and what actionable steps can be taken to help guide our industry forward.




Mr. Silva is a recognized and respected industry leader and negotiations expert standing
for community financial institutions against the powerful oligopoly of Core & IT suppliers. After spending 15 years selling IT services to bankers across the country, Silva recognized that bankers lacked real market intelligence and pricing data necessary to enter these one-on-one negotiations intelligently. This realization served as the catalyst for founding Paladin fs and the Paladin Blue Book in 2007. With more than 100 successful transactions and $135 million in cost reduction since Paladin’s inception - Silva realized the industry still needed a counter-balance to the oligopoly formed by “The Big Three”. In June 2016, Silva launched the Golden Contract Coalition with the unprecedented goal of aggregating large numbers of banks and $1B in combined contract revenue - manufacturing the leverage necessary to put the power back into the hands of community financial institutions and once and for all disrupt the major suppliers’ business models of one-sided, over-priced, and unfair deals.

Silva is a sought-after, entertaining and accomplished speaker for national banking and credit union events as well as an influential writer and industry-wide resource on both strategic and technology issues facing executive leaders of franchises under $15 Billion. Continually receiving the highest reviews from session attendees, he is an energetic, engaging and thought-provoking professional speaker that will add great value to your event. In addition to his professional accomplishments, his research has been the foundation for highly regarded studies on pricing disparities, hidden costs and defective terms in supplier contracts, developed by the Business Performance Innovation Network and other market analysts.