Do you want to avoid getting caught with core IT contracts that bruise your shareholders or dismantle an entire merger?

Get ahead of the merger and allow us to confidentially evaluate your cost structure and agreements at NO COST and NO OBLIGATION.

We'll determine if you are "merger ready" and give you answers to critical questions like:

  • How will the institution be affected by a future merger?
  • How can your contracts be made more favorable to the institution?
  • How can you orchestrate the best possible outcome?
  • How much are you overpaying?
  • Where are the biggest hidden risks in your contracts?

Enter your details in the form to the right, and we'll follow up to get what we need for your free assessment.

Our Clients in 2017:

  • Average contract cost reduction per institution = $1,260,000.
  • Shareholder benefits created to date = $46,000,000.
  • Total cost reduction through 2017 = $137,000,000.


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